Vampire Cravings: The Six Commandments [PLEASE READ!!!]

All right, these are the rules to follow on the series I’m reviewing to avoid anymore mishaps around here, as well as what fits the criteria and what I’m looking out for on reviewing vampire-centric anime/manga (and occasionally light novels, if there’s any English translation floating around the internet).


1. Avoid mentioning Twilight or comparing the saga with ‘XXX’ series I’m reviewing. There are gazillion blogs/reviews/sites that has already done that. This blog is not one of them. So keep it minimal if you absolute have no choice but to compare any reviewed series with Twilight. Really, no Twilight. NO!!!! NOTWILIGHT NOTWILIGHT!!!!! *Silly troll gets crushed by the moon*

2. Keep the comments clean and critiques constructive as much as possible. Spamming will not be tolerated.

3. If you’re mentioning any spoilers, be sure to insert spoiler tags. You don’t want to ruin the fun for visitors interested in a series I’m reviewing. Spoiler tags for beginners: <span style=”color:BLACK;background-color:BLACK;”> /insert text/ </span> to get INSERT SPOILER

Follow these rules, and nothing can go wrong in the dark. Unless you start doing something stupid and if you get bitten by rogue vampires, rabid dogs, or rabid rogue vampire dogs, good luck on your journey into transforming into a mindless blood-sucking ghoul and stuck in the endless abyss that’s coming your way?

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Vampire Cravings EXTRA – Strike the Blood [Autumn 2013]

Strike the Blood Light Novel cover. [Volume 1] Pretty swordddd~

Strike the Blood Light Novel cover. [Volume 1] Pretty swordddd~

If you haven’t heard, the latest vampire series Strike the Blood (the other being Diabolik Lovers. Covering that as well but like StB it’s not going to be extensive) is airing in this year’s autumn lineup. This October to be precise. I’ve haven’t read much of the translated light novel in Baka-Tsuki (link after the cut) but I’ll catch up on it someday. If you’re wondering about my progress, I read the manga adaptation first and from the looks of the available chapters, you could say that I enjoyed the story and action so far, though the harem aspect of the series might have shot a silver bullet at my heart to take caution. I’m not a big harem fan for that matter (caters for both genders), save for a few exceptions. The exceptions usually have witty writing and bearable characters that can last my interest in the series for a long period of time.

Penned by Asura Cryin’ and Dantalion no Shoka’s author Gakuto Mikumo and the adaptation handled by SILVER LINK which has presented the likes of BakaTest, Magical Girl Ilya and WataMote, the latter two shows that is airing now as we speak/ summer season.

Our main hero Kojou Akatsuki apparently happens to be the fourth primogenitor, a vampire that should not exist in reality (at least that’s what is written in legends) and lives peacefully with his friends. It was until one day where a mysterious sword-shaman named Yukina Hirameki who happens to work for the government-owned Lion Organization starts to hunt Kojou down and is entrusted the task of watching him in everything he does, should he threatens humanity’s existence…

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Interview With The Vampire – Finally got my hands on it!

Oh finally. Got my hand on this baby after much nagging from the voices in my head and after much negligence on my part. So sorry about that!

Finally got my hands on this book after much nagging from the voice in my head and after much negligence.

How could I not get my hands on this vampire classic, love it or not? Silly me.

Just a short update here; now that I’m just started with my new school year in college I guess I need to update more so that the blog don’t look too empty by the time I have my issues settled. I’ve thought of having ‘Interview With The Vampire’ in my hands for a long time but I had a hard time purchasing the book in bookstores in town, forcing me to go grab the book at Kinokuniya. The Big One. Obviously I’m going to compare some characters in the reviews later on using Interview and Dracula solely for research, comparison purposes and last for all, entertainment (of course!). I’ve realized that I’ve been too afraid to pick up Interview (Dracula was pretty easy, being public domain for years now so I have no excuse for not owning one copy of it, be it digital or physical) but for fear of being accused for not doing any research…there you go.

You can observe my updates at the side if you’re curious. Next update will be arriving soon. Before you raise any expectations, it’s not my next review. And rather, it’s something more recent. Stay tuned!

Vampire Cravings/So Long Sundays: How Reverse Vampire got her name.

Yeah that's how it went, something like that. *roll eyes*

Yeah that’s how it went, something like that. *roll eyes*

It’s due time for me to add a little more content in this blog since my disappearance months ago. It’s not going to be a review-length post this time; it’s a boring story to the point that it’ll make you sleep before I utter my first word. Don’t sit back and enjoy, but I don’t mind you fetching a small bag of popcorns or a lollipop to give your interest. It all began with a fanfic written in 2007. I was a young, naive girl learning at the workings of the world we humans inhabit…oh Dracula screw this. Click the ‘Read More’ button below for the full story.

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Vampire Cravings: #2 – Nightwalker

Greetings, fellow bloodsuckers. I apologize for the lateness, given that I have to attend to more important matters beyond the fourth wall and the need to tweak the review format. Now that’s all over, let us get back to business.

Say, would you mind saying hi to my co-reviewer/host? He’s over there, that’s Kevin the Bat taking his afternoon nap right over there.

Kevin: Zzz… stupid mosquitoes…

…never mind him. If you haven’t noticed by now, we’re going to take this review a little zanier than usual. Before the vampire craze that hit the entire world for this past decade, let us take a trip to the past and return to the heydays of the 90s, where the anime craze thrived like never before in the West (and some parts of Asia as well). Vampires in anime during this period were sparse and are of a rarity. The violence, the intricate plots, great story arcs, well-animated action scenes on cels…fine, you get the idea. Yes, I’m reviewing Nightwalker in this post. Now let’s get on to it and not waste a precious second any longer!


Nightwalker Logo

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Vampire Cravings: #1 – Bloody Kiss

Greetings, creatures of the night! Welcome to the first review in my all-new segment ‘Vampire Cravings’ and as the title indicates, this is solely for review purposes, looking out for any great and not-so-great vampire-centric anime and/or manga for the past two or three decades. And to begin our new journey in reviewing on a high note (you certainly don’t want me to review a Terribad series and dive into snark territory. You won’t like me when I’m at my very worst), I’ll be going to review a two-volume (6 chapters in total) manga titled ‘Bloody Kiss’ by Kazuko Furumiya. It was first debuted in May 2004 and ended its run in March 2005 under Hana to Yume, a semi-monthly shoujo (targeted at girls around ages 10 to 18) manga magazine owned by Hakusensha.

Cover page of Bloody Kiss, volume 1.

Cover page of Bloody Kiss, volume 1.

As for the mangaka (which simply means ‘comic artist’), most of her works were one-shots and I have yet to find any work of hers that is ongoing at the moment. So if anyone is interested in one-shots just to kill some time, I suggest that you go read her works. They aren’t the most original or interesting stories in the shoujo market, but at least her characters do barely ooze with personality every now and then, considering that most shoujo out there aren’t suit for my taste *coughcoughblandheroinescough*. Before I start side-tracking, let’s get on with the review right after the ‘Read More’ button!

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Look out for this space! New segment coming soon!

Okay, so my K episodic reviews aren’t working well right now, but I’ve been planning something for quite some time. If you have been paying attention to my tweets, you know what my mind’s on at this moment.

P.S.: Not that I gave up on K; blame my lack of interest in episodic reviewing on my exams I’m having and really BAD timings during its broadcasting.